Amanda Saccomanno (mandysacs, Bikini World Champion 2014):

Taking care of my skin is sooo important to me, that's why I love these Dermis Vitamins! A lot of topical creams tend to dry out my skin, so my doctor told me to try these. They contain a good amount of vitamin A which is great for healthy, glowing skin!


Dermis Vitamins are so simple and effective to use! I absolutely love them, and they're definitely worth the price, which is still pretty cheap. I've been using the Anti-Wrinkle Vitamins for almost 2 month now, and I can see my pores are smaller, my skin seems tighter across my face, and I have an overall fresher look with clearer skin. I'm very happy with the results, and definitely ordering more!  

Sia (DiaryofafitmomyofficialEver)

Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, my acne has been absolutely horrible! Even while I was pregnant with her, my face was constantly breaking out. When I was pregnant with my son however, I had a flawless complexion! Crazy right? 
I've tried everything, but every product tended to dry my skin up so my doctor advised me to give Dermis Vitamins a try. Their anti-acne formula cleared my skin up within a couple of weeks!!!!! It contains a lot of vitamin A which is perfect for healthy, glowing skin.
I know I'll be buying more to maintain by complexion!!!

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