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The Power of Turmeric

 With all the incredible ingredients found in Dermis Vitamins, it’s no wonder that hundreds of people are getting amazing results from switching over to our simple skin care system! The next natural ingredient incorporated into our Dermis Vitamins blend is turmeric! Yep, turmeric, you heard that right. You probably recognize it as a spice used in cooking, but it also provides many nutrients to our skin, healing many skin ailments and creating a glowing complexion. Anti-Inflammatory and Healing Among turmeric’s many properties, it is a very strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent. Due to its content of the active ingredient curcumin, turmeric inhibits pro-inflammatory chemicals that arise in the body, reducing red blotches, swollenness in the face, and prevents scarring and...

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Ingredients in Dermis Vitamins for Anti-Aging

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of taking care of yourself. As time goes on, and your body changes, your skin will experience changes, and you’ll be facing different challenges that you’ll need to treat in different ways. Two difficulties that can occur are acne and aging. Acne can affect you whether you are a teenager or in your thirties. Some women deal with acne throughout their childbearing years and need help every step of the way. The other inevitable challenge is aging. How the aging process works exactly is the subject of many studies, and much of it remains a mystery. With what knowledge we do have, we can formulate responses that work to minimize the...

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Incredible Ingredients for Incredible Skin Care: Anti-Wrinkle Vitamins

Dermis Vitamins is helping hundreds of people everyday transform their skin into a radiant and beautiful complexion. But what ingredients exactly go into our incredibly effective skin care vitamins?  Among the many natural ingredients contained in our skin care system are Vitamins E, C, D, and Niacinamide (variations of vitamin B). All of these play critical roles in bringing you the healthy, beautiful skin you desire; continue reading to learn just what roles these micronutrients play in bringing you flawless skin!  Each of these vitamins help provide your skin with the proper nourishment it needs to promote a vibrant complexion. Vitamins E and C contain  powerful antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals produced from UV exposure and other abrasive conditions. Vitamin C...

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Lifestyle Changes for Clearer Skin

We’ve all dealt with it, or worse, are currently dealing with it. The red blotches. The puffy face. The occasional scarring. And the enormous lack of confidence that comes with it. You already know the topic: acne. Acne and blemishes can be some of the worst parts of growing up, and often times, can bring back the most painful memories when thinking about your teenage years. For some of us (unfortunately), acne continues to be something we deal with even into adulthood. Luckily, having clearer skin, despite what other sources tell you, is completely up to you! Does this mean you must start an expensive, 5-step acne-preventing regiment? No, of course not (though it can definitely help). But what you...

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